Meet the Troutman Family

Mommy Troutman baby | ICU baby

Ashley was well past the stage of diapers and baby feedings. She had a busy life working and caring for her three sons ages 16, 15 and 13. Then, she … Read More

Meet the Hernandez Family

NICU Families Strong | This is Reese: I want to be a Pediatrician when I grow up

“The Hope Parade united NICU families from across Florida. The story below written by NICU mom and volunteer Valerie Hernandez is a beautiful testament to the power of community.” When … Read More

Meet the Baquer Family

ICU baby | Rise of Phoenix | Parent and child at HOPE Parade

by Celia Lisset Alvarez ICU baby Parent Supporter Nicole was married at 17 and divorced at 23. At that time, she was ready to be independent and have fun. A … Read More

Meet the Alvarez Family

Alvarez babies | ICU baby

by Celia Lisset Alvarez ICU baby Bereavement Supporter “I’m in labor,” I said to my husband. He had practically just gone home. It was near midnight. I was crying as … Read More

Meet the Ashworth Family

A Miracle Baby

“Miracle baby” is a term used often in the NICU by parents who watch their baby battle for life, conquer all odds, and survive. For Gabby Ashworth, “Miracle Baby” means … Read More

Meet the King Family

King Family baby

When Karneisha, a young mother from Cutler Bay, tested positive for coronavirus she was caught completely off guard. She was pregnant with her second child and had no apparent COVID-19 … Read More

Meet the Gaston Family

Gaston baby

Clara and her husband, Harry, were delighted to learn of Clara’s pregnancy with her first baby. She had a peaceful first trimester, until twenty weeks into her pregnancy when the … Read More