A Testimonial

“I pray your wonderful organization continues to thrive and that you may continue to keep on helping and changing so many lives. I will forever be grateful to all of you guys. Never will I ever forget ya’ll”

– Mother from Holtz Children’s Hospital

Bereavement Program

Not all babies in the NICU survive. It is the heartbreaking reality that ICU baby co-Founder, Nichole Aldrich, knows personally and ICU baby volunteers witness every month in the NICU.

ICU baby’s Bereavement Program offers NICU families a gift in memory of their baby and much needed support during this extremely difficult and painful journey. ICU baby connects the baby’s parents with a volunteer that has suffered a similar loss and understands the parents’ emotions. Sharing memories, hopes, and disappointments is an important part of the grieving and healing process.

ICU baby also offers financial assistance to low income families for funeral arrangements to help pay for some or all of the funeral or burial costs of their baby. The stipend is provided to those in the most dire need, faced with such dire circumstances.

Make a donation today to help ICU baby & all of the NICU families we support.