A Testimonial

“We wanted to thank you so much for what you do!  It is truly amazing!  During this difficult time, we would look forward to your weekly Wednesday visits.  It provided us great support and put us at ease!”

– Mother from South Miami Hospital

Transportation Assistance

Transportation Assistance Program

ICU baby’s Transportation Assistance Program offers a financial stipend to offset transportation costs for low income families whose visits with their baby in the NICU are restricted because of financial hardship. ICU baby’s team of in-hospital volunteers witness firsthand the additional financial strain that having a baby in the NICU places on a family, regardless of a family’s finances. NICU mom & baby | Transportation Assistance ProgramThe Transportation Assistance Program helps to reduce this additional stressor for low income families and works to ensure that parents are by their baby’s bedside when they can be.

Parents and family members’ presence at the hospital with their NICU baby is critical to the growth and development of the baby while admitted. ICU baby’s Transportation Assistance Program brings parents to the hospital so they can fulfill their crucial role in the baby’s medical care. By being able to more freely visit their baby, Mothers are able to transport their breast milk home-to-hospital, family members can participate in kangaroo care and touch-time, and parents can learn how care for their baby once discharged, including safe sleeping and feeding practices.

ICU baby evaluates qualifying family’s needs through an application and interview process. Each application is reviewed by a committee and, if requirements are met, ICU baby provides a bus pass, gas card, parking voucher or private transportation to supplement transportation costs. Each family is required to reapply on a monthly basis and renewal of the transportation benefit is given if parents regularly visit and engage in the care of their baby.

Make a donation to assist with the transportation costs of a low income family with a baby in the NICU.