A Testimonial

“Having a small baby in the NICU for 13 days was by far the most unexpected thing we have had to do and it took a toll.  After the Dinner, it made us see that people with much more serious situations are out there and have a great positive mind to things.  Thanks to an Organization like yours …ones that support, truly from the bottom of your hearts.”

– Father from South Miami Hospital

ICU baby COVID Programming

ICU baby’s COVID-19 Programming

ICU baby’s COVID-19 Programming will remain one of the organization’s proudest accomplishments as the team successfully collaborated with the hospitals to be sure NICU families’ needs were met during the crisis. Our COVID-19 Programming is no longer activated because many components have been absorbed and incorporated in ICU baby’s day-to-day programmatic work now. We document our Covid-19 response plan here in honor of the work that was done to uplift families during the most difficult of times and to express gratitude for the Foundations that supported this work.

Healthy at Home Care Kits to Keep Parents Safe Outside of the Hospital

It is critical for NICU parents to have the supplies they need to protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus outside of the hospital. While parents have access to masks and sanitizer when visiting the NICU, many parents are not able to obtain these supplies once they leave. This puts them at greater risk for contracting the virus and is dangerous for the baby and the medical teams when the parent enters the Unit. ICU baby’s Healthy at Home Care Kits include:

  • reusable masks for both parents
  • gloves,
  • hand sanitizer,
  • antibacterial soap,
  • moisturizing cream for over washed hands, and
  • an inspirational gift.

Let’s continue to keep our NICU community safe!

Meaningful Meals to Nourish NICU Heroes

Our medical teams are our “front lines” against COVID-19 and this includes our NICU nurses, staff and doctors who bravely enter the hospital despite the unprecedented health risks and additional responsibilities to their own families.

ICU baby has partnered with former NICU families and other generous sponsors to provide regular meals to the NICU teams. Let’s continue to applaud them for the renowned care that they provide the tiniest members of our community and show our appreciation for the NICU medical teams… our heroes.

Parent-to-Parent Telesupport Temporarily Replaces Bedside Support

ICU baby’s Parent-to-Parent, in-hospital support is now occurring weekly on the phone, with great success. Our volunteers, who are former NICU parents, call each NICU family and also communicate by texting and emailing them. The hospital’s collaboration has been crucial to ensure that we are connected to new NICU families. They are also helping to deliver our NICU Packs so that families have the much needed items to help care for their baby in the hospital.

Meaningful Meetings to Connect NICU Parents

Each Wednesday evening, ICU baby is now hosting a Meaningful Meeting for all families at Holtz Children’s Hospital and South Miami Hospital. Parents join our virtual ZOOM discussion with ICU baby volunteers and fellow NICU parents. It is an informal support group that can be a lifeline during their difficult NICU journey.

Transportation Assistance Program Expands to Include Emergency Funds

Getting to the hospital has never been more costly or challenging for some of our NICU families. Right now, so many more families need our help. Many parents are without work or a steady stream of income. Economical options of getting to the hospital like Uber Pool and the public bus now pose health risks to the parent. Let’s help these families with the Emergency Fund of ICU baby’s Transportation Assistance Program so that no baby is alone… and no parent is unable to be in the NICU because of expensive travel costs.

Miami Heat Charitable Fund
Arison Family Foundation
UPS Foundation
Coral Gables Community Foundation
The Miami Foundation
Florida Blue Foundation

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