A Testimonial

“Thank you again for ICU baby’s support in what was an exceptionally difficult time for us. I was especially touched when you accompanied me back to my room on the first night of my son’s diagnosis with PPHN and am deeply grateful to have had you there.” 
-Mother from South Miami Hospital

ICU baby's NEST

ICU baby’s NEST

NEST provides families with access to information and resources to help you better understand and experience the NICU. NEST was created by NICU parents, for NICU parents.

Parenting a baby in the NICU comes with a lot of emotions and questions. The goal of ICU baby’s videos are to provide you with the resources you need to be an informed and more confident participant in your baby’s NICU care. ICU baby currently supports families with a baby in the NICU of Holtz Children’s Hospital and South Miami Hospital. Below are links to resource sites for each of our partnering hospitals.

The ICU baby NEST program has compiled resources to help our clients in nearly every aspect of life while in, and after their stay in the NICU. Our community resources include access to: Where to Get Resources for Emotional Wellness; Where to Get Breastfeeding Support; Where to Find Resources for NICU Dads; Where to Connect with Healthy Start; Where to Get Government Benefits; Where to Get Financial Assistance or Support; Where to Get Help with Food Insecurity; Where to Find Safety, Shelter or Affordable Housing; Where to Find Resources for After Discharge; Where to Get Help with Women’s Health; Where to Get Bereavement Support & Information

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