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Dear NICU Families, Friends and Supporters,

The COVID-19 pandemic defined 2020. For families with a baby in the NICU, what already was a difficult journey became wrought with even more challenges. The ICU baby Team pivoted overnight with the onset of the pandemic and adjusted our programming to support NICU families in a manner and with a vigor that we never have had before. We were determined that our support of NICU families be uninterrupted despite the uncertainties and hardships we were all facing. We were proud to remain an integral part of families’ NICU experiences and were set on being there for families when they needed us most.

The limitation of no longer having the ICU baby Volunteer Team on the NICU floor every week became an opportunity. An opportunity to reach more families week-after-week with tele-support. An opportunity to allow families to access ICU baby resources electronically from their own home, in addition to at their baby’s bedside. An opportunity to bring in notable professionals from around the community to address concerns of NICU parents via video so parents could watch (and re-watch) on their own time. An opportunity to uplift nurses and doctors as they continued their lifesaving work hour-after-hour even among uncertain and dangerous pandemic conditions.

The changes ICU baby was able to make in a matter of months resulting from COVID were monumental. The positive impact and the greater reach that ICU baby was able to accomplish was astonishing. We learned a lot about what else could be done to help, even from afar, and have only strengthened our supportive program structure since.

As we continue to endure the pandemic, ICU baby’s commitment to the hospitals that we serve and the families that we support remains unwavering. We will continue to innovate to advance our programs and, we look to the post-COVID-19 world with optimism that we will be back on the NICU floors very soon.

Together, we are #NICUSTRONG. With your help we are #STRONGERTOGETHER.

Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Have Hope.