Volunteer Spotlight | Monica Babich

ICU baby's Volunteer Spotlight

Monica Babich is a woman with a lengthy list of talents, a heart filled with compassion and a drive that is unstoppable. She has applied her extraordinary abilities to advocate for and help NICU families. She is a NICU Mother herself, having delivered her daughter Elara prematurely in 2019. The ICU baby team met Monica on the floor of the NICU while she was sitting bedside at Elara’s isolette and the connection was immediate. When Elara was discharged, Monica stayed in touch with the organization, donating and sending regular updates with adorable photos of Elara’s progress.

When the COVID-19 pandemic set-in, Monica reached out to ICU baby wanting to do more. She told ICU baby, “[w]e need NICU families to know that they are not alone.” Monica worked to create an 8 foot tall banner of encouragement that parents would see as they entered the NICU. Then, she said “[t]he schools are doing car parades, why can’t we do one for all of the families in the NICU so they know we are thinking of them?” Monica then worked to create a 20 car parade around the entrance of the hospital and all the NICU families came outside to feel the support. Then, when ICU baby went to Monica to ask her to help plan the ICU baby Hope Parade … you can imagine her answer. Monica created the Adventure Map and Path, worked weekly to develop the event and ultimately won the award for Team with the Most Participants for Elara’s Animal Parade Team. She also won Committee Member of the Year. Monica continues to work with ICU baby wnd the FPQC to speak to NICU healthcare teams around Florida as an advocate for NICU parents. She is on a mission to help … and we can’t wait to see what she has in store next!