Launching Our Youth Ambassador Program

A Car Parade to Celebrate World Prematurity Day

ICU baby proudly launched its Inaugural Youth Ambassador Committee on September 15th! Fourteen of our community’s youth joined ICU baby in our mission to support families with a critically ill or premature baby and to raise awareness about the NICU. Our Youth Ambassadors represent 10 schools from around Miami-Dade County.

All of them have a personal connection to the NICU with 4 Ambassadors having relatives in the NICU and 10 Ambassadors being NICU grads themselves. Of them, 4 were cared for in Baptist Children’s Hospital, 3 in South Miami Hospital, 2 in Holtz Children’s Hospital and 1 in Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The Committee has one set of micropreemie twins and two sisters that are actually triplets. Stay tuned for what this dynamic group has planned for our community!

The Founding Members include: Jacqueline Banegas, Stella Bilirakis, Francesca Figueroa-Diaz, Madison Figueroa-Diaz, Amelia Fox, Maggie Meltzer, Elizeth Mencia, Gabriela Tejedor, Daniel TenBroek, Ruby TenBroek, Ila Urquidi, Charlie Vernon, Robert Vernon, and Angelica Victorero