Longtime Partnering with the Junior League

ICU baby Volunteers

For the fourth consecutive year, the Junior League of Miami selected ICU baby as one of its Done-in-a-Day service projects. This year’s project – the creation of Foster Care Baby Packs – was particularly special because it fulfills a hospital need recognized by one of ICU baby’s in-hospital volunteers, Ana Avila. While Ana was volunteering in Holtz Children’s Hospital, she saw a foster care NICU baby about to leave the hospital in little more than a paper gown and with no belongings of his own. Together with ICU baby and the Junior League, Ana moved to change this.

The women of the Junior League generously collected baby items and packed 15 Foster Care Baby Packs for the babies that will be entering the foster care system once they are discharged from the hospital.

Junior League volunteers also decorated 100 beautiful holiday candles that will be gifted to NICU families during the month of December. ICU baby is grateful for its continued partnership with the Junior League and looks forward to more collaborations in the years to come.