Milestones & Miracles | Summer 2020

ICU baby's Milestones & Miracles Newsletter

A Mother’s Miracle

Trecha Henry had a perfect pregnancy and couldn’t wait for the birth of her first baby. At 40 weeks pregnant, she delivered her baby boy Keegan in a hospital near her home in the Cayman Islands. However during the delivery process, Keegan suffered from shoulder dystocia… his shoulder got stuck inside Trecha’s pelvis and he was without oxygen for five minutes. Doctors immediately did CPR and then began a hypothermia treatment which lowers the baby’s temperature to 91.4 degrees for 72 hours. This technique was used to help reduce Keegan’s risk of permanent brain damage. The seriousness of his condition scared Trecha and, because of COVID-19, she was unable to visit him. Then, three days after he was born, the decision was made to fly him to Miami because the hospital in the Caymans did not have the equipment or service Keegan needed. Trecha tested negative for COVID-19 and planned to travel with her son on the medical transport. However, there was no room on the transport and because of the crisis, the next available flight was over a week later. Trecha said “I couldn’t eat or sleep, all I could do was cry and pray.”

Keegan was flown to the NICU at Holtz Children’s Hospital at UM/Jackson Memorial Medical Center. Trecha joined him 9 long days later. The moment she saw him she burst into tears. She said they were tears of joy and worry. She learned that doctors discovered Keegan was having seizures. She prayed he would be ok and felt blessed to be in Miami with him. Three days later, she was able to hold her baby boy for the first time since he was born… continue reading.