Milestones & Miracles | Winter 2021

ICU baby's Milestones & Miracles Newsletter

A Mother’s Miracle

When Karneisha, a young mother from Cutler Bay, tested positive for coronavirus she was caught completely off guard. She was pregnant with her second child and had no apparent COVID-19 symptoms, though she did have high blood pressure.

Hours after receiving her results, her daughter Treasure was born at 29 weeks, 11 weeks premature weighing less than 2 pounds. In an effort to reduce her exposure to COVID, Treasure was immediately removed from the delivery room. “When I first had her, I never had a chance to see her – never even got a glance at her,” Kenseisha explained tearfully.

While Karnseisha’s story is surprising, it isn’t uncommon. A new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that COVID-19 is linked to preterm delivery. According to the study, COVID positive pregnant women have a 25 percent increased risk of preterm delivery compared to the general population… continue reading.