Pack-a-Pack Parties in Our Community

ICU baby is grateful to all the community members who volunteered their time to prepare our signature NICU Packs to help support NICU families in our communities. ICU baby’s NICU Pack is a tote bag filled with essential items that help families care for their babies while in the NICU. Volunteers came together to prepare all the items that go inside the totes, pack the totes, and write thoughtful notes of encouragement for our NICU families.

After assembly, the totes are hand delivered, by our NICU parent mentors, to families that have an expected stay of 2 weeks or more at South Miami Hospital and Holtz Children’s Hospital at UM/Jackson Memorial Medical Center.

In addition to creating NICU Packs for families, youth volunteers from Temple Beth Shalom and Miami Jewish Federation also participated in ICU baby’s Build-a-Bear program. The volunteers stuffed, assembled, decorated and dressed bears and other stuffed animal characters, filled out their “birth” certificates and wrote personalized notes for each stuffed animal they created. The stuffed animals are given to the older brothers and sisters of our NICU babies.

A special thank you to the volunteers from:

  • Greater Miami Jewish Federation
  • Minority Women in Medicine at University of Miami
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Temple Beth Sholom
Pack-a-Pack Parties in Our Community